Our composers

Chloe-Anne Touma
Composer & Head of Publishing

Chloe-Anne (a.k.a Lady Monarkey) is a composer with years of professional experience in the music industry. She composed and arranged music themes featured on Canadian, American, European, Middle Eastern & Eastern TV, including TV phenomenon “Güneşin Kızları” (“Sunshine Girls”) on Kanal D.  She composed, arranged & produced songs for many Canadian performers with a variety of styles and languages, and worked with many local and international publishers throughout the years. Her versatility and capacity to deliver unique sound  while meeting customer deadlines have been regarded as strong assets by all her collaborators. Open to working on any type of music for any project, she will know how to deliver tailor-made sound that suits your needs.

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King Parian
Music Producer & Performer

King Parian is a professional singer, rapper and music producer who writes songs in both English and French. He started performing at a young age, singing with international star Céline Dion. His main genres are Pop, Trap and Hip-hop. When he decided to write his own material whether in French or English, Parian was inspired by rappers like White B, Enima and Niska. As a self-taught Hip-hop music producer, a musical ear was the single most important skilll to have and he found that the most satisfying thing for him was the positive feedback he got from fellow artists and Hip-Hop fans.

George Eric Escueta Castrillo

George Eric is a music producer based in the Philippines. Former guitarist in a Heavy Metal band,  he learned all there was to know about mixing and 4 track recording at the first studio which employed him, where he also perfected his drum and guitar bass playing skills. From being a Sound Technician on a resort from 2008 to 2011, to winning several contests and becoming the music composer he is today, George has done it all. Yet his main composing genres so far have been Heavy Metal & Electronic music. His unique approach to sound mixing and original arranging ideas in both acoustic and electronic music are key factors in his development of sonic explorations, creating amazing experiences for customers and listeners.

Yu Namikoshi

Yu Namikoshi is a film, advertising and video game music composer based in Japan. He started practicing music at the age of 10. Since hitting his 30s he has been composing cinematic music and gaining even more exposure. His compositions have been used in numerous TV shows, programs, films and video games, in Japan and beyond, while being acknowledged as high-quality music which demonstrated his skills in all aspects of music composition and production. 

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Paul Dubreuil
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